Local Elections

There are 51 Councillors on Solihull Council. Elections are held 3 years in every 4.

17 councillors are elected each time. The next local elections are on 5th May 2022

Local Council Elections History in Solihull

In 2008, in Smith's Wood, the Green Party won their first ever Green Party Councillor in Solihull.

In 2011, Alison Walters and Karl Macnaughton were elected in Smith's Wood and Chelmsley Wood respectively.

In May 2011, Councillor Howard Allen of Shirley West ward, originally elected as a Liberal Democrat, joined the Green Party.

In 2012, Councillor Howard Allen successfully defended his seat as a Green, while Chris Williams gained a Chelmsley Wood ward seat from Labour.  The 2012 local elections saw the strongest ever Green Party results in Solihull Borough.

In May 2012, Councillor Andy Hodgson of Shirley South ward, originally elected as a Liberal Democrat, joined the Green Party.

In February 2014, Councillor Jean Hamilton of Elmdon ward, moved from the Liberal Democrats to the Green Party, becoming the party's 7th Councillor in Solihull.

In May 2014, the Green Party grew to become the second largest party on Solihull Council for the first time.  Stephen Holt, James Burn and Tim Hodgson gained the Smith's Wood, Chelmsley Wood and Shirley West seats, while Andy Hodgson held his seat in Shirley South.

In May 2015, in a very difficult year for the Green Party locally because it coincided with a General Election, Karl McNaughton successfully held his seat in Chelmsley Wood and Mark Wilson won in Smith's Wood.

In May 2016, A very hard contest saw a great result for the Green Party as we strengthened our position on Solihull Council. We increased our representation from 8 to 10 Councillors and were the only party to gain overall.

  • Chelmsley Wood was held by Chris Williams
  • Shirley South was gained by Max McLoughlin
  • Shirley West was held by Maggie Allen
  • Smith's Wood was gained by Jean Hamilton. 

In May 2018, The Green Party saw yet more success, holding four seats and gaining Castle Bromwich with 62%.

  • Chelmsley Wood was held by James Burn
  • Shirley South was held by Andy Hodgson
  • Shirley West was held by Tim Hodgson
  • Smith's Wood was held by Ben Groom
  • Castle Bromwich was gained by Cheryl Buxton-Sait

In May 2019, The Green Party was victorious once again:

  • Karl Macnaughton held his Chelmsley Wood seat with the highest Green vote ever in the UK - 86%!
  • Mark Wilson defended his Smith's Wood seat with 70% of the votes cast
  • Steve Caudwell won the second seat in Castle Bromwich from the Conservatives, with 65% of the vote
  • Shahin Ashraf MBE completed the Shirley South Green team by winning the third seat from the Conservatives with a 66% vote share
  • Dr Rosemary Sexton did the same in Shirley West by claiming the third seat from the Conservatives on a 61% vote share

The May 2020 elections were delayed due to Covid and took place in May 2021, The Green Party again saw considerable success:

  • Shesh Sheshabhatter took the Chelmsley Wood
  • Jean Hamilton defended her Smith's Wood seat 
  • Nathan Moses won Kingshurst and Fordbridge from Labour for the first time
  • Max McLoughlin defended his Shirley South seat
  • Maggie Allen also defended her Shirley West seat

Marcus Brain also joined the Green Party from Labour (Kingshurst and Fordbridge ward) in 2021.

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