Green Party announces candidates for Meriden and Solihull constituencies

14 November 2019

Solihull Green Party has announced its candidates for the General Election on 12th December. 

In Meriden, Steve Caudwell (a Councillor in Castle Bromwich) has been selected, while in Solihull Dr Rosemary Sexton (a Councillor for Shirley West) is the candidate.

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Meriden candidate Steve says: "This is a really important time to be standing for the Green Party. Everyone knows that urgent action is needed on our climate and environment - but people in Solihull and Meriden know that we aren’t only about that. We need evidence-based policy to create meaningful change for the better in our society.

“Only the Green Party has a credible roadmap: to sort out Brexit with a People’s Vote; to deliver rapid action to tackle the climate crisis; and to build a fairer Britain. This means taking action on the grinding inequality permitted by the Conservatives. This Government has shown a complete disregard for people in Meriden by allowing HS2 to plough through our communities and ancient woodlands with no regard to the damage caused.”


Solihull candidate Rosemary has a 1st Class Maths degree from Cambridge, a PhD in Computer Science and now works as an Osteopath in Solihull.

Rosemary says: “My job is putting people back together and nine years of Conservative government has left us with lots to put back together. That includes the local economy, schools and our health and social care services. Healthcare is in a worrying state in this country. It’s not just the creeping privatisation of the NHS, but also the lack of care for older people and a worsening mental health crisis.

“We’re seeing life expectancy differences of over 10 years between different areas in Solihull, overall life expectancy is dropping faster than ever before in peacetime. We need MPs with the passion and desire to implement change.

“Politics as usual has let everyone down - it’s time to think differently, for the sake of our communities, our country and our planet. If you agree with me that decades of the same old ways of doing politics haven’t worked, please vote for me and Steve on 12th December.”


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Published and promoted by Maggie Ryan on behalf of Steve Caudwell and Rosemary Sexton (Green Party), all at The Biscuit Factory, Unit 215 J Block, 100 Clements Road, London, SE16 4DG.

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