Great election results for Solihull Greens

8 May 2016

Solihull Green Party


The local elections this week saw great results for Solihull Green Party across the borough.


Overall, the Greens held 2 seats and gained 2, to bring their group on the Council to 10 councillors. They remain the official opposition and are the third largest Green Group in the country.


Chris Williams also saw the best Green Party result in the country ever, gaining 75% of the vote in Chelmsley Wood where the Greens have all 3 councillors (having elected Karl Macnaughton with almost 70% of the vote the year before).


Jean Hamilton re-took Smith's Wood for the Greens, and Maggie Allen held Shirley West, both with big majorities.


Max McLoughlin took the only Solihull Conservative seat of the night, winning a close contest in Shirley South.


The Greens also saw second place finishes in Dorridge and Shirley East wards.


Leader of the Green Group, Cllr James Burn said, "Solihull voters have clearly shown us that they are pleased with the work Greens across the borough do, and that they want us to continue our constructive opposition on Solihull Council. They realise that a healthy democracy needs some alternative voices, and have trusted us to make sure the Council is accountable and transparent. We are honoured they have placed their trust in us again. We thank those councillors from all parties who stood down or lost their seats for their service to the people of Solihull and look forward to meeting and working with those joining the Council this year."

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