Greens call for honesty about Council budget cuts

3 March 2016

The budget voted for by the Conservative group includes the fly-tipping budget being halved, 35% being cut from the Anti-Social Behaviour budget and a cut of 15% to charity funding (used to support groups like the CAB and Age Concern), 10% to mental health care and support, 15% to day centres, more cuts to the youth service, and a 25% cut to the budget for helping families in need of support.


In the budget documents, there is no acknowledgement that these cuts will have any negative impact on services whatsoever. Indeed, they are all referred to as “savings”.


Cllr Tim Hodgson, Deputy Leader of the Opposition said, “It’s ludicrous for the Conservatives to say that cutting 35% from Anti-Social Behaviour or 15% from charity grants will have no impact. Every year at budget time we are asked to vote for ‘reshaping, realigning and restructuring’ which usually turns out to mean ‘cut, close and sack’. The public aren’t fooled - it’s time for more honesty.”

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