Solihull campaigners share a cuppa ahead of far-right group Pegida UK protest

7 February 2016

Shirley Green Party campaigner Maggie Allen met with Rianne ten Veen ahead of Saturday’s march (February 6) by far right-wing group Pediga UK.

Maggie and Rianne, who is Muslim, met at The German Café on the Stratford Road, Shirley, after the Bishop of Birmingham called on local people to respond to racism by sharing a cuppa with someone from a different community.

Urging Silhillians to sign a pledge against Pediga UK’s march, Ms Allen said: “Pegida encourage the hatred of people on the grounds of their race and religion.

“That should have no place in a Solihull where we celebrate diversity and tolerance.

“In Solihull – and across the country – we need to say no to scapegoating of people from any faith.

“In Britain, nobody should have to be afraid when they practice their religion.”

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