General Elections

There are 2 Parliamentary Consituencies in the Borough of Solihull. Solihull and Meriden.

In the May 2015 general election the Green Party fielded candidates in both Solihull Constituencies for the 1st time ever.

Our two candidates for Solihull were Cllr Howard Allen (Solihull constituency) and Alison Gavin (Meriden constituency).



Howard Allen 

At the time of the 2015 General Election Cllr Howard Allen, our candidate in Solihull constituency, had been a councillor in Shirley for 13 years. He was the national Green Party Spokesperson for Business, Innovation & Skills. His campaign for Parliament focused on the economy, fighting cutbacks to public services, and protecting our NHS.

Said Howard: "We need to rebalance our economy, so that it is not so heavily tilted towards corporate interests and the ultra-wealthy. It is unacceptable that we have more than 2000 bankers paid over £1 million a year. I want more help for our local and regional economy. In Parliament, I will lead the push for more support for struggling high streets and small/medium-sized businesses."

Follow Howard on Twitter: @CllrHowardAllen




Howard Allen

Alison Gavin our 2015 candidate in Meriden constituency is a teacher who had lived in the constituency for 8 years, in both Bentley Heath and Chelmsley Wood. Alison taught at Oaklands School in Smith's Wood.

Alison said: "We need to restructure of public services, so they they work for the common good of all people, not the interests of big corporations where profit is their number one motive."